2 Reasons Why You Should Adopt a Live Chat Software in Your Websites

Most businesses often get lured by mainstream methods of lead building that they often ignore the small things which are equally capable of generating profits. Companies spend a fortune on expensive lead building and customer servicing strategies, but, they fail to realize the value that can be added into the business with small things like live chat support.

If you have a business that works on “we care for our customers” philosophy, live chat support software is one crucial element that your website must have. The logic behind live chat software is that a face to face conversation is likely to be more successful compared to written communications, and this theory makes ‘live chat’ effective in this world, full of throat cutting competition. This is not an assumption or a wild guess, according to The American Marketing Association study, the ROI rate from live chat from live chat software was 300% compared to the traditional sales team, resulting in 20% increase in conversion.

Through this article, we will discuss two such inevitable benefits of ‘live chat support software.

1. Highlights flaws in your web-user experiences

Most businesses suffer severe losses due to decreasing numbers of users on their websites, or drastically dropping web traffic. The reasons can be many, but, the topmost reasons for user turn down is the websites internal problems like complex UI, credibility, improper website structure, unattractive web design, or absence of requisite (service, support, and contact) information. The reason can differ from those mentioned here, but the genuine ones are mostly from within the list.

So, to rectify the prevalent problem causing the loss first you need to identify the problem. But, how will you do it? The answer is your users themselves. Live chat allows you the opportunity to seek help from your user, take their feedback, and try to improve on it. In addition, live chat also allows you with chances to retain your user with promises of good service, or something equally alluring.

2. Enhances Productivity and Profits

For every business, whether a big software giant or a small brick & mortar business, it’s crucial to have a customer support system in place. Your consumer can try to contact you anytime regarding anything, and if you don’t have any communication system in place, you might end up losing your consumer.

However, for the exact same reasons discussed above, the traditional phone support system proves to be expensive and has failed to deliver results in the last couple of years. Comparatively, the live chat support software’s proves beneficial. With live chat, your agents can assist more than one client at a time, resulting in an increase of their productivity at a lesser cost.

Bottom line: Whether to use or not, the decision is entirely yours to take, but, most successful businesses today cite live chat software as one of the reasons for their success. With such widespread popularity, live chat software is worth a try.

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