Depression Is a REALITY! Don’t Ignore It

Being in the 20s myself, I don’t even have the required experience (that’s what people believe) which is necessary to be able to share and talk about things like this. However, I have realized and what I believe is, age is seriously just a number when it comes to our generation-the millennials. The truth is, our generation is getting older faster than they should. Maybe we were fast learners, or we had our share of learning experiences a bit too early, or it can be that life wanted to learn a little early before we get busy with life- whichever is the case, the truth is we are more mature than we look. We understand that silence is more poisonous than a snake bite, and depression kills more people today than ever before.

Feeling blue

We live in a modern world, yet our society considers depression as a Taboo. Our society is so uninformed, ignorant that they try to laugh it off, or make it a laughing stock when somebody confesses about their depression or even if someone talks about it. So, I won’t feel bad if you do the same with me and try to ignore the message that I am trying to share here because you have been taught that depression doesn’t exist. It’s all right, I don’t blame you if this your first time reading someone talking about depression. It’s probably because not many people talk about it, not everyone has the guts to rise up to the surface and confess that they were, or they are in depressed. They believe that the world will consider them weak, which is true! People do start judging us because we were, or we are in a depression. But today, before you judge someone who is fighting the toughest fight with depression, with themselves, I want to tell each one of you that depression is more painful than being kicked on your balls multiple times. YES, it’s that painful. How? Because it’s not about physical pain that can be cured with proper medication, it’s way bigger- it is the brain that makes the life a living hell. When the brain gets involved, the victim confines himself/herself, detaches themselves from the rest of the world. The world starts shrinking, and we are compelled by a strong force to drown ourselves deep into random thoughts, about random things. Sleep becomes a distant dream, and we start losing every bit of happiness that we have, not because of anyone else, we ourselves are to be blamed.

You know the worst part? We can’t even tell our parents. Yeah! I know the shit “Don’t hide your depression, share it with your parents and doctors” but it ain’t that easy. It’s easier said then done. We can’t tell our parents, we live in India. Most of them belong to a generation which never heard of something called depression, or they don’t want to accept the existence of depression. But, what about the others, the people who belong to the same generation? People who know that depression is not a distant dream, it’s the dark side of our lives now, walking with us like our shadow.

I would like to make a small request- if you see someone who isn’t feeling all right emotionally, who is shedding tears on one corner of office/road/metro/or your house- don’t ignore them. Walk up to them and initiate a conversation, try to find out what’s eating them from the inside or outside. You don’t have to do much, even a small gesture is enough. Be a little kind with everyone, share a little happiness, listen to their problem and give them a solution to fight depression.

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